A natural gas leak of unknown origin caused a massive explosion in Bremerton, Washington, that actually blew some firemen 20 feet and caused a mushroom cloud over the blast that resembled a nuclear bomb blast. Reportedly two persons are missing, with one natural gas company worker reported to have suffered some serious burns while attempting to repair the leak. When the leak was discovered, there were immediate efforts to get all persons out of the area so the dangerous leak could be repaired, but before the leak could be fixed, the massive blast suddenly shook the area, stunning everyone, and proving the danger of natural gas leaks.

As serious as this incident was, everyone including Motel 6 staff and fire department crews may have prevented any loss of life and deserve praise here. motel 6 gas explosionMotelExplosion02_22907064_ver1.0_640_480Motel-6-gas-leak-explosion

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