Born in 1943, during the second world war, Janis Joplin grew up to be one of the greatest blues rock singers ever to emerge with a perfectly soulful voice that won over critical praise and millions of fans. She was one of the greatest singers of the late 60’s, where her career was sadly cut short by a heroin overdose from a deadly batch of heroin that had killed others the same week of early October in 1970. One of the biggest breaks for Janis Joplin was as lead singer for Big Brother And The Holding Company, which were promoted in concerts sponsored by the San Francisco Chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, where Sonny Barger and some others were huge music fans and also helped The Grateful Dead and others with their careers with sponsored concert events.

With some notable TV appearances such as on Dick Cavett and other television, Janis Joplin was a true rising star. She was also a symbol of the 60’s rebellion, embraced as a counter-culture hero, who left behind a few nude photos, sometimes as a sign of rebellion, other times for other reasons. She was also one of the early fairly open bisexual performers of the era, but she was also the boyfriend of fellow singer, Country Joe McDonald for a time as well.

Here’s a photo time capsule of this great legend here…janis joplin 81bdYjJ-HfL._SL1500_Janice Joplin (1) (1)Janice Joplin (2)Janis Joplin (1)Janis Joplin (3)janis joplin nude6janis joplin tumblr_nihx1gsIbj1s1ai6bo1_r1_1280janis joplin portrait

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  • Terrance Kozak

    she was a true legend

    • RIPJanis

      Your party correct, sir!, Janis IS a legend, one does not have to be alive to be one, very few are living legends though, and she was that too! 🙂

  • RIPJanis

    I’ve wanted to bang Janis ever since I was around 10 years old, which was way back around 1978!

    Saw some documentary on her back at the time and she was not only cute whenever she smiled, but she had a wonderful, cheerful, infectious laugh and such huge nips that I wanted to chew on so badly, and that great little ass she had, plus, there was just something about her, the way she spoke, what she spoke about and how she carried herself!

    I’ve always felt that she was a lesbo, but also that if I had been born 15-20 years sooner that we may have met and she would not have died!

    One of my fave Janis stories is the one about her knocking out Jim Morrison of the doors at, what I believe was a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young party when she cracked him right on the head with a Jack Daniels bottle because he was hitting on her and creeping her out, those who were there and knew her knew she was not into dudes!

    • JackofDiamonds

      It was a southern comfort bottle she wacked him with lol