Fact: Chubby Checker’s name was inspired by a little joking around with the wife of Dick Clark. His real name was Ernest Evans, but his stage name, Chubby Checker became a parody version of the name, Fats Domino. Not, everyone realized this little joke.

Fact: “THE TWIST” became such a number #1 smash hit single in 1960, that inspired 8 different singles by Chubby Checker with “TWIST” in the title and the song lyrics. In 1961, “TWISTIN’ USA” charted at #68, and “LET”S TWIST AGAIN” charted at #8. In 1962, “THE TWIST” was released again, becoming a #1 hit once again. Also in 1962, “SLOW TWISTING” became a #3 hit single. “TWISTIN’ AROUND THE WORLD”, failed to chart in 1962, but continued the string of Chubby Checker singles based off the “TWIST” theme. In 1963, “TWIST IT UP” charted at #25. In 1964, “YOU STOPPED TWISTING. WHY?”, was a number #34 hit. And in 1988, “THE TWIST(YO, TWIST!) recorded with The Fat Boys was a #16 hit. So apparently, when Chubby Checker first asked you back in 1960 to Twist he didn’t really mean it that time, but this time he really means it, let’ Twist when he released later records…

Fact: Chubby Checker’s hit songs made him a millionaire by age 22.

Fact: In 2013, Chubby Checker sued HP over a silly application that would unscientifically estimate a man’s penis size based off his shoe size.

Fact: One of his high school classmates was Fabian, who also became a big pop star as well.

Fact: “THE TWIST” was a history making single, that became a #1 single twice on BILLBOARD’s Hot 100 charts.

Fact: In 1971, Chubby Checker made a failed attempt to become a psychedelic artist with an album produced by Jimi Hendrix’s producer, Ed Chaplin. But, the album became an obscure flop.

Fact: By, 2008, BILLBOARD recognized “THE TWIST” as the biggest hit single ever on the BILLBOARD charts.

Fact: “THE TWIST” was so popular that it became the first major dance song to attract adults, and not just teenagers, to dance to it.

Fact: Chubby Checker wasn’t too happy that he became typecast by “THE TWIST” as he really wanted to be a nightclub performer, despite all the success it brought him.

Fact: Chubby Checker didn’t really want to be known as a dance hit act, but producers urged him to continue to release many dance hits and he become typecast by them as a dance hit act.

Fact: It was finally 2013, before Chubby Checker released a more serious non-dance number, “CHANGES”, which sadly failed to chart. In 2008, by comparison, “KNOCK DOWN THE WALLS” proved to be another #1 dance hit for the veteran performer.

Quite an amazing career for the reluctant king of dance music…chubby_checker_twist_with_vornechub1chub5chub7chub10chub11Chubby_Checker_Limbo_Rock

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