Never has a celebrity worked so hard in one week to totally destroy their own professional career. After her smart aleck punk stunt of licking donuts at a donut shop causing problems for both her as well as the donut shop, she had to top matters by letting her fans know how much so hates them, by informing the world that she “hates” America and Americans. Despite her desperate efforts at damage control to salvage her professional career, no words can really take back the public image problems she has created for herself as being a rotten person in the minds of many in the public now. The only question now is how long will it take for her Cds and downloads to slow down in sales and her concerts to stop selling out. There’s a lot of people who work hard washing dishes or changing sheets for a living, that saved their hard earned money to buy Ariana Grande’s recordings or a ticket to her concerts. Not for one moment should she think that she’s any better than any of these hardworking fans. ariana-grande-donut-screenshot-640x480

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  • I’m just shaking my head. I think this self-centered little idiot really doesn’t understand just WHY people are mad at her.

    I mean, she’s a STAR. People are supposed to go out of their way to be nice to her!

    She really doesn’t understand that her fame is completely dependent on her producers. Her talent is, basically, her appearance coupled with a bit of talent. She’s not unique, or special, or irreplaceable.

    As she’s finding out.