If such a thing exists as a family dynasty in adult entertainment, then it has to be Melissa Ashley who is the daughter of 1970’s adult legend, Mary Anne Weiland. Intelligent and very well read, Ashley who hails from Tempe, Arizona studied earth sciences at Arizona State University, but always had a passion to follow her famous mother who was a pioneer in the older adult entertainment industry before VHS was even born. Although Ashley will be turning 36 this August, she has managed to turn her younger than her age looks and her very small breasts into an asset in a profession where breast implants and enlargements are garden variety common.

Shortly after turning 18, Ashley became a popular men’s magazine for Larry Flynt’s  BARELY LEGAL Magazine, 18EIGHTEEN Magazine and other publications before turning to doing hardcore adult movies, where she has over 75 films in her catalog now. But, besides being brainy and very intelligent, Ashley is also known for her very friendly nature and the amount of time she will take to communicate to her fans or to encourage them to become her Facebook pals. This great relationship with her fans came full circle back in 2009 when Ashley was suddenly stricken with life threatening heart problems and some of her fans stepped up to help her with medical bills. She also survived a cancer scare as well. Her mother died young, so there was good reason to fear for her life with each health crisis, especially when her heart actually stopped beating once before.

Ashley even stepped up and appeared in court at a trial of an Army officer who was falsely charged with a sex crime for mere possession of one of her perfectly legal adult film titles. The Army Sergeant was acquitted of the phony charges thanks to Ashley’s efforts to support her fan from an over-zealous prosecutor. melissaashley_thumbmelissa-ashley-in-the-hospitalmelissa ashley78543melissa ashley8964melissanew_35melissa ashlley766322

Ashley seems like a good sport willing to try almost anything once for the sheer fun of it, and even did one single hard spanking film, “MELISSA ASHLEY SHOPLIFTER”, where she plays the role of a shoplifter disciplined with a hard spanking as a complete departure from her softcore nude modeling or her hardcore adult movies she normally does.

The model and actress is also pretty spiritual as well, and a strong believer in prayer and meditation, and a fan of the Dali Lama. She recently urged prayer for the victims of the Nepal disaster. She leans politically liberal, and is also an early celebrity supporter of Hillary Clinton, besides supporting the efforts of Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual community.

Besides her Facebook page for her loyal fans, Melissa Ashley has her own Website with many great perks for members as well as opportunities to write the popular model/actress as www.melissa-ashley.com where even video conference question and answer sessions with her fans are common. As Ashley loves to say, “I put my heart and soul” into her Website and her relationship with her fans.