One of the most beautiful and popular centerfold models of the 1980’s was “Barbara Schaeffer”, who was a petite and very beautiful wife of a  Southern California plumber according to one claimed story on Showtime’s PAT COLLINS THE HIP HYPNOTIST. This was the only known TV appearance for this very popular softcore men’s magazine model. Other than appearances in popular magazines such as PENTHOUSE, GENESIS, GALLERY, HOOKER, CLUB and other popular men’s magazines of the early 1980’s, this model known as “Barbara Schaeffer” remains something of a mystery. She often went under different names in order that her popular photoshoots could be sold to completing magazines, and she even did one photospread for EASYRIDERS, the motorcycle magazine.

Today, more than 30 years after her first photos appeared in magazines from the early 1980’s, she still remains one of the most popular and mysterious cult figures among the  collector’s of vintage men’s magazines.

Part of the appeal of Barbara Schaeffer was not only her awesome beauty, but her petite appearance and often innocent looking pouty expressions she would express when a photographer was doing a very explicit nudity photoshoot of her in the studio. Barbara always seemed like the innocent good girl next door by her expressions, no matter how naughty some of photos seemed at the time. Although she did some rarer two girl photosessions once in a while, Barbara Schaeffer was never a “porno model”, per se, never doing hardcore material or ever having actual sex in any photoshoot or on screen. And, Barbara Schaeffer had all of the good looks to have made a breakthrough as a mainstream actress if she had any desire to become an actress.

If anyone out there knows anything about the Barbara Schaeffer mystery, then contact us. We’d like to interview her and know more about the current life of one of the most beautiful, yet most mysterious centerfold models of all time. She had true star quality and millions of fans who still love her after all these years. She was a true 1980’s phenomenon. She helped to sell millions and millions of magazines, yet very little is know of this ultrapopular model of the early 1980’s era who suddenly vanished from the scene as fast as she once came in. BARBARA SCHAEFFER54432barbra schaeffer65barbara_schaeffer_ph_aug_81_p112_123_174loBARBARA SCHAEFFER7766490BARBARA SCHAEFFER77553BARBARA SCHAEFFER9865 BARBARA SCHAEFFER667879461513295_0img036vef_123_38lo848876500_GenesisGG1983_0249_123_509lo

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