Born 35 years ago in Mullins, South Carolina, Marcuss Legette was going to grow up to be a business genius that would soon make his family very proud, providing them work in his many businesses, proving that the American dream is available to anyone, even a child who grew up in humble roots in the projects. And today, Marcuss Legette is always quick to credit his strong family support, and especially his mother who encouraged her children that they can achieve anything with hard work to achieve success in business. His mother would attend church each week, and raised her children with both faith as well as an uplifting message to dream their dreams and to work hard to achieve success in life. She believed so much that hard work, honesty and faith would make her children successful. Marcuss Legette resisted gangs and other negative influences in the local neighborhood, instead always having a vision of wanting to make his family proud, especially his mother.

With that strong bond of family, success in all areas, including education was expected of children in the Legette home. Marcuss Legette acquired three college degrees that would lay the foundation to build his later growing business empire of music, clothing and eventually acquiring a giant music venue to promote entertainment acts. Degrees in accounting, marketing and a smaller degree in audio engineering from Barber Scotia College, in Concord, North Carolina, the University Of North Carolina and Full Sail University in Florida all provided degrees or formal classes towards the three degrees of this very talented rising business and entertainment genius. He even had won a St. Augustine scholarship as well.

Besides his academic areas on business in which Marcus exceeded, from an early age he displayed an natural ability in electronics. Marcus was probably no more than just about eight years old when he experimented and did repairs to home stereo where music was always an important part of the Legette household. His mother loved the great Barry White, among other famous voices of the era. But, great entertainers and performance artists like James Brown, and later the business as well as musical models of Russell Simmons and P. Diddy became huge influences. But, strangely while Marcus excelled at things such as sports, where he was a star high school basketball player, where he was a high scoring point guard that helped to win the 1997 state championship for his Mullens High School in South Carolina, Marcus needed a little breaker to provide more public speaking confidence. By 2001, he started to appear for open mike comedy events, and soon proved himself so skillful at sharp-witted and clever insightful observational humor that he was soon on the same comedy show bills with giants in the comedy industry that included Chris Tucker, D.C. Curry as well as Earthquake. His funny observations on the news, current events, with a little edge, had audiences laughing their approval at his stand-up stylings, soon erasing any stage fright where public performing of music soon became his next passion.

Since 2004, Marcus has issued 12 cd albums and music download albums, first starting out selling his music for $5 a cd in Walmart parking lots, outside of some liquor stores, or anywhere else where he felt he could get that quota of selling 20 pieces a day average to start his promotion of skills as a musical artist as well. He founded his own label, Game Tyme Entertainment also signing and promoting other acts such as Sho-G, Ro Jackso and Anonymous to his growing recording label as well. Promotion of live shows in his own giant music venue is the next natural business progression in  building his growing business enterprise empire.

The story of Marcus Legette is an excellent testimony what a strong sense of family, faith, a mother who believes in and encourages their children, hard work and motivation can achieve. Steve Harvey and others have some inspirational life stories of how they achieved  their own personal and business success. The story of the business genius of Marcus Legette, of the rise of a growing business comedy, music, promotion and marketing legend that owns a clothing business as well as a body scent company that for 20 years has marketed 10,000 assorted varieties is an incredible testimony of what working very hard all day can achieve. And, in the case of Marcus Legette that’s quite a lot in one day…006_6003_3DSC_2001 (588) copyMr. Southern Playerificqc2 gtelogo


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