A new poll has come up with a very surprising result: 80% of Palestinian men responded in a public opinion poll that they would love to flirt, date and have sex with an Israeli woman. See, people are just people and men are just men. Most Palestinian men don’t care the ethnic group, religion or nationality of a hot woman. Peace, or maybe “piece” in the Mideast isn’t really as elusive as some may claim. A Palestinian Authority spokesman bemoaned these results as politically bad for their organization. But, news that the vast majority of Palestinian men would love a hot Israeli woman in their life is actually a great sign that relations between the Palestinians and Israelis are actually much better than the politicians may make you believe…Israel8

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  • Syed Fahad Hussain

    I Strongly agree with this i am also looking to have a relationship with any Jewish or Christian beautifull girl wether single or divorce having kids…

    • Paul Hooson

      I wish you much success here my friend! The very best to you!

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Was there any mention of marriage, or did they just want a taste of the forbidden fruit, or worse, just want to defile a Jewess?

    • Paul Hooson

      It sounded like most Palestinian men wanted to date or marry and ultimately be sexual with an Israeli woman from the wording and intent of the survey…