The story of a 16 Guatemalan girl who was beaten and then set on fire and burned to death has resulted in international outrage at the level of lawlessness in a town 77 miles West of the capital city of Guatemala City. In the poverty ridden town of Rio Bravo, mob lynchings of young people involved in gang activity has become common place. In fact, local law enforcement and justice figures also often impose outrageous sentences such as public whippings of young suspects of crime or gang activity. This outrageous sense of justice has now made headlines when a local 16 year old girl was beaten by a mob and then burned to death after she was suspected of involvement with a local gang that murdered a 68 year old motorcycle taxi driver. The girl was punched by persons in the mob, her head was smashed into the pavement a few times, and then suddenly someone threw some gasoline on the girl setting her on fire. It  appeared that she went unconscious at some point, but still appeared to be alive when more gasoline was thrown on her resulting in her death. Regardless  of what the girl had done, she deserved arrest and a trial on the charges of involvement with the crime incident she was accused of being a part of. A lack of a viable criminal justice system in this area and the mob brutality have shocked the world community here. Hopefully, the government of Guatemala takes some steps to establish the rule of order in this area where this brand of frontier justice is just outrageous. burned2VID: Horrific Video Shows Woman Burnt Alive By Vigilante MobVID: Horrific Video Shows Woman Burnt Alive By Vigilante Mobburning1VID: Horrific Video Shows Woman Burnt Alive By Vigilante Mobburning_16burn-alive-sound-cheer-crowd-500x375

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  • May they burn eternally in Hell.

    • Paul Hooson

      Yes, this was a very cruel expression of mob rule basely solely on a rumor of this girl’s guilt, without the rule of law, an arrest or trial.