At CBS, Lara Logan was once one of the finest foreign correspondents the network had ever hired. But, then as this top flight reporter filed a story on Egypt’s 2011 rebellion, a crowd of men stripped the reporter of her clothes, pulled her hair, whipped her flag poles, and according to Logan herself, “raped” her “with their hands”. In the last couple of months, Logan had to be be admitted to a hospital as she again suffered from bleeding problems due to her injuries from this violent sexual assault which also set a new standard by which it became unsafe from female reporters to send back reports from many areas of the world because of new safety concerns from mobslara loganlara logan3lara-Logan-665x385.

Lara Logan had been one of the greatest rising stars of reporting in some years. CBS couldn’t have found a finer reporter than Lara Logan. But, her career was forever changed by the brutal assault by a mob in Egypt after this terrible event.

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