With a heartfelt goodbye to all of many millions of fans, David Letterman offered up a heartfelt goodbye to his fans. While he did not shed any tears, an emotional Letterman was very grateful to all who watched him during his 6,028 long TV episode career as a late night TV host between NBC and then CBS. David Letterman asked The Foo Fighters to close out his final star-filled episode with the song “Evermore”, which had a special meaning to Letterman because of his health crisis after having a heart issue. It was expected that there was to be a final wrap party by some of the staffers before they move out and clear out so that Stephen Colbert’s class moves in to start their show which officially debuts on Sep 8. It is not clear whether CBS will just air reruns of David Letterman until then or else offer some temporary programming much like it did between the exit of Craig Ferguson and the start of James Corden’s LATE LATE SHOW debut.

Born in 1947, the 68 year old David Letterman was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His mother has been a featured guest many times on his show in comic moments, and her occupation was as a church secretary. Heart attacks sadly run in the family of the male Lettermans. David’s father, Harry, first had a heart attack at the age of 36, and later died of a fatal heart attack at the age of 57 in 1973. It has been said that fear of heart attacks were a major phobia of Letterman first with his dad, and then later when he faced a serious crisis himself. Many of friends such as Julia Roberts and others stepped up to fill in as guest hosts while Letterman underwent a long 5 month recovery effort after heart surgery.

David Letterman went from campus radio at Ball State to a role as a weatherman, later being known for standup comedy, where Johnny Carson soon became impressed by his talents and eventually getting his own late night NBC. Letterman was viewed as Johnny Carson’s heir-apparent upon his retirement, however the executives at NBC decided to move comic Jay Leno into Johnny Carson’s spot instead, which made Letterman angry as a snub, where Letterman offered his services to CBS, which were more than happy to welcome Letterman, where Letterman wound up his long TV career in filming today.

A strange sub-note was that David Letterman’s career nearly ended in ratings disaster in 1980 at NBC. THE DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW was a 90 minute morning talk show that was a ratings disaster, but a big hit with the critics winning two Emmy Awards. The show was shortened from the original 90 minute format to 60 minutes in an attempt to rescue  the show, but executives at NBC decided that the off-beat humor might play better at late night, where David Letterman’s late night career was born. This second chance for David Letterman was a career changing moment by all regards. His comedy was sometimes referred to as “comedy from THE TWILIGHT ZONE” because it was so strange at times. What was observational comedy with many self-deprecating moments, always seemed to have enough quirky and unpredictable moments to surprise, entertain and always impress us. – Thank you so much for giving us so many laughs, Dave. It was an awesome 6,028 show ride!david lettermanDavid-Lettermandavid-letterman-240

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