While the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY novels seem to capture most of the mass media attention, a growing number of female erotic novelists are also churning out a good volume of erotic novels that deserve attention. With a network of sales on Amazon and available in both print and Kindle editions, these novelists are getting their works both published and distributed. Former psychologist Normandie Alleman is a prime example. She is building up an impressive catalog of erotic novels, which especially appeal to other female readers who are looking for more heat than your typical run-of-the-mill romance novel. Normandie and relative newcomer to erotic novels, Alex Reynolds are combining their talents with other authors to create an anthology book of erotic tales that will debut on May 16. LITTLE HAVEN is an exploration of adult women engaged in age-play scenarios with their lovers, where spankings and other kinky fantasy games will play a role. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY fans will no doubt enjoy that other novels and excellent authors exist for well written psychological adult fantasy exists among much more than their familiar FIFTY SHADES. And, the writing style quality will no doubt impress the readers as well.

Alex Reynolds already has a cult appeal as a fetish actress in many spanking movies, many made in the UK, although she is actually a Los Angeles native. In more recent times she has decided to join the more established authors such as Normandie Alleman and others in this growing market segment for well written erotic novels. Very intelligent women are constructing some very well reasoned fantasy scenarios that are having a growing market appeal to other female consumers. The end result is quality novels that are a growing business, and with the distribution through Amazon, Kindle and in brick-and-mortar stores, this is a good business model for female novelists looking to join the growing market for quality erotic literature. nomandielittle havenalex facebookprofessorsplaything_ful_optalex reynolds novel2

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  • ravenshrike

    So, basically the sex scenes from 5 smutty bodice rippers crammed into a single book with what little plot there was stripped out.

    • Paul Hooson

      Well, look at READER’S DIGEST CONDENSED BOOKS as an example…