Not everyone knows that the outrageous “Soup Nazi” character on the legendary SEINFELD series was a parody based-off a real person. Iranian immigrant Ali “Al” Yeganeh has a line of top quality award winning soups and started with a Manhattan restaurant. But, Al Yeganeh was hardly a good sport about the silly SEINFELD parody of his persona. According to one version, Jerry Seinfeld and other production crew from SEINFELD was seen by Yaganeh in his Manhattan restaurant. It was claimed that Yaganeh was very angry at the outrighteous parody on SEINFELD, said a few choice words, and perhaps sought an apology. Jerry Seinfeld reportedly offered-up a mock apology that was much less than sincere. Yaganeh then became even more angry, asking the SEINFELD crew to leave, and by one account used the term, “No soup for you!”

Yaganeh refers to his soup as “art” and not soup. And, it is indeed top notch rated. In fact, Yaganeh is scheduled to serve his soup at a food festival event coming up in Israel very soon. Yaganeh takes his cooking very seriously. To him, quality and taste are everything. But, it’s doubtful he will ever find much humor in the silly SEINFELD character inspired by him.soup-blogSpanSoupMan_logolentil-soup-212x300soup-nazi

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