Honda sure knows how to innovate, and never envisioned how their tiny Ruckus mini-motorcycles would ever become such a big craze among young people. What started out as a very minimal and stripped-down version of the 49cc motorscooter has only evolved into a wild fad for building custom mini-street legal motorcycles. Only just 73 inches long in stock condition, the tiny Ruckus is able to pull as much as 113 miles per gallon out of a gallon of gas. And, the stripped-down weight saving designs often exceed 30mph, although the tiny Hondas can often be registered as a moped in some states with cheap insurance and just a driver’s license.

The tiny motorcycles appeal almost exclusively to young buyers who are looking for a transportation toy that’s a step-up from the skateboards as a thrill and for speed. You have to give Honda so much credit for that durable and simple GY6 engine design that’s been copied by so many in clone version, but none other than Honda has done the best at!

The “street bike” craze is here to last thanks to Honda!Honda_Ruckus_whitehonda ruckster coolhonda ruckter batmanhonda ruckus customhonda ruckus custom2honda ruckus girl4Honda Ruckus Gokubutohonda ruckus twohonda ruckushonda Ruckus_19honda Ruckus_25honda ruckushor1

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