TRUTH OR DARE has become a true sensation as an adult game. But, with many of the stunts often involving stripping, nudity or sexual acting out, the very popular game can sometimes open up some very complicated issues for the participants. While popular for college age or older adults, many times high school age or younger people often get involved in this game where unprotected sex is often involved. Sadly, with some opinion polling on Misterpoll, these unscientific polls found that as many as nearly half of teenage girls who have sex during TRUTH OR DARE enjoy the element of danger of having unprotected sex, as it could lead to pregnancy. Less popular than the chances of unwanted pregnancy is the possibility of transfer of a STD of some type, some of which can even bring a cancer or other serious risks.

The game has gone beyond the days of crazy stunts in it’s early days to often leaving participants naked, with females of  all ages either performing oral sex or intercourse with two, three or more males very often. Often, the game will ask dares of participants to perform oral sex, fondling or actual sex on members of the same sex as well. In one Misterpoll unscientific data collection 70% of females of all ages from under 16 to 25 plus claimed they would perform full intercourse if a dare question required it. 75% would perform oral sex on a male , 70% would perform oral sex to the point of orgasm for the male, and 65% each would perform oral sex on another female, and oral sex to the point of orgasm on a another female. High percentages of males would perform oral sex or other sexual acts with other males under the TRUTH OR DARE rules with few refusing to perform the required naughty stunts.

Among adults who love to play TRUTH OR DARE, posting naked or public sex pictures are popular on TRUTH OR DARE PICS.COM and some other amateur, nonactor sex sites. Whatever floats your boat. But love carefully would be good advice for some that practice unprotected sex with multiple unknown partners or other risky behaviors as witnessed by Misterpoll polling results. Kendra Sunderland’s wild public library show seemed to be influenced  by this trend of doing outrageous public nudity and then posting it Online and becoming a celebrity and a star herself. But, most everyone else, it’s just a crazy public stunt for adults only.

Some years ago, no other than Madonna herself helped to make TRUTH OR DARE popular….Now, look where it has gone…truth or dare party34truth-or-dare-2012-movie-wallpaper-fu

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