In a bombshell claim, a popular AMERICA’S GOT TALENT contestant who lost in the second round of competition claims NBC would not let him do his own levitation act and hinted instead  had to use a scripted act set up by the producers. Special Head who wowed over the audience with an incredible levitation stunt in the first round, only to fail in the second round, has posted a video on YouTube of an act AMERICA’S GOT TALENT would not allow him to perform, and made this statement when asked a question on YouTube why producers for NBC would not allow him to perform his own act and instead had to perform an act with the help of NBC extras and employees not his own, “I cannot fully answer that because I don’r want to be sued by AGT. But, I’ll tell you that all reality shows are actually scripted. The producers decide when it’s time to get kicked off the show. And because people love certain characters the show has to justify kicking them off. The levitation on the pyramid is what they had me do instead. That says alot”.

Observant fans of the talent competition will notice while the first round competition is the legitimate acts by the contestants, the second and other rounds are heavily produced by NBC in many cases with extras and sets and props not the property of the contestants. NBC might do this to enhance the acts for TV, but then it becomes the question whether certain acts may more than just enhanced, but some groomed to succeed and others possibly set up to fail, with some acts receiving unfair advantages. In the case of Special Head, his second act that NBC producers made him do was poorly performed and failed, booting him off the competition. Whether this was due to poor practice, poor timing, technical mistakes by NBC camera and lighting staff, but the performance was so flawed compared to the original levitation stunt by contestant Special Head that it made a laughing stock and a joke of the contestant costing him his place on the show.

These revelations by this contestant beg the question how fair this talent competition show really is. While talent of the contestants should ultimately decide the winners of the competition, the element of NBC not allowing performers to do their own acts, which have been well rehearsed, and instead having them perform acts chosen for them, begs questions of the extent of producer involvement in the outcomes of this show.

Maybe Special Head’s best talent was his first levitation stunt. But, with NBC having a huge hand in the production, with silly third eye makeup for this second act, besides the terrible failure of the act, all beg the question of whether he was made to look foolish to lose, or whether with poor practice with an unfamiliar act or other technical problems the second act just failed and became a big joke. Regardless, it seems like an AGT contestant has brought up some serious questions about producer involvement in the acts. special headspecial head third eyeSpecial-Head-America-Got-Talent


Some other contestants also echo some claims about how fair the talent competition really is. One circus-type aerial act, Whipchick, was actually wooed by some independent producer for six years before they agreed to appear on the show. The act claims that producers of the show threaten performers with lawsuits if they expose the outcomes, and where the producers of the show “reserve the right to determine the winner by any means they choose”. And Whipchick also claims the audience was seeded with plants meant to encourage either applause or booing of some acts, making this talent competition seem more like a choregraphed episode of professional wrestling made for TV, than a true talent competition.

One singer,Tim Poe, even claimed that he lied about being a grenade injured Afghanistan war vet. But, it’s not known whether this was of his own will, or whether he was encouraged by someone to provide a human interest story. But, so often the show attempts to provide inspirational stories, but in this case the inspirational story did not really exist at all. But, he also brings some claims about the fairness of this competition show as well.

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  • Willcodeforfood

    Nothing on this show is by accident. It’s all planned and scripted. The bulimia statement and subsequent “apology” were both planned in advance. Get real people.