America has lost another great music legend when Percy Sledge passed away at age 74 of cancer. Best known for his monster #1 hit, “When A Man Loves A Woman”, the music legend had a slew of hit singles. While working at a hospital a patient helped Sledge to secure his career with Atlantic Records which became one of America’s very first major R&B labels before the later establishment of Motown and other soul labels. By 1974, the singer’s career had slowed, but he managed a few revival and album or compilation efforts over the years as many other singers sought to honor the senior music legend with respect and new recording efforts.

The singer’s mainstream R&B music might have lacked edge during the rebellous 1960’s when more edgy music efforts were becoming more common, but Sledge stuck to his traditional style, offering tender love songs with a classic sound, never selling himself out for current trends. He was a true legend.percy sledge1percysledgePercy-Promo1

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