Here’s an interesting history lesson. Who was the first Jewish Playmate Of The Month? Well, there’s a bit of controversy here. For years it was thought that Susan Bernard who was just 18 back for the December 1966 Christmas issue of  PLAYBOY was the first ever Jewish Playmate Of the Month. The girl had turned 18 in February of 1966, and had never been nude in front of anyone other than her mother, and was also a virgin at the time, making this an interesting step for this child of Hollywood royalty, where both of her parents held positions in the film industry.  Her mother was actress Ruth Brande and her father famed glamour photographer Bruno Bernard. The nude photos were taken by a photographer friend of her father’s. The had appeared in TV or film since 1963 and later landed a role in the Russ Meyer film,  “FASTER PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!”.

But, now here’s where a bit of controversy comes in. Because it was for the Christmas issue of PLAYBOY, the young Jewish actress was posed in front of a Christmas tree. And, even more controversial, while Susan Bernard for years held the title as the first Jewish Playmate, more recently, Cindy Fuller, who was Miss July 1959, claims to have actually been the first Jewish Playmate, creating more debate and confusion. Regardless, here’s a beautiful and talented 18 year old actress when she was young. The actress turned 67 this year. suebernard13suebernard14suebernard15susan bernard5susan bernarddec1966susan_bernard_123_573lo (1)susan_bernard_05 (1)susan_bernard_01 (1)susan_bernard_08 (1)susan_bernard_06 (1)susan bernard actresssue bernard mari_20120921_1658952452Susan+Bernard+nYMS6vt3dX_m susan bernard faster-pussycat-kill-kill

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  • govskeptic

    Whether the first or second Jewish playmate, she a prize of the universe!

    • Keith Cassinger

      Really? A “Prize of the Universe?” Look at her now. Is she still a prize of the universe? You don’t know her at all, if you are only going by looks (which you are) then she is no longer any “prize” of anything. Stop putting pictures on pedestals.

  • Steve Rinaldi

    Sue and i were very close in those days and even though they were Jewish they loved Christmas so they had a tree every year and would keep it up until almost Easter. Her father did a huge ammount of Marilyn Monroe nudes, so much so that there were eight by ten glossies of her all over the place. Sue asked me if i wanted any so i took a few and used them as book marks. They were a very open family and free lovin and fun and we had a ball in the sixties.

  • RWA

    There have been several other Jewish Playmates since: Sally Sheffield (who actually spent part her youth on an Israeli kibbutz), Ellen Michaels, Sandy Greenberg, Pam Stein, Lindsay Vuolo, possibly Debbie Ellison, Karen Hafter and Lisa Matthews as well (but not Gina Goldberg; originally from Finland, she posed under her ex-husband’s name because her maiden name was too long and difficult for English tongues to pronounce).

    • Ima Man-In-Adress

      Give me a break. Marilyn Monroe was NOT Jewish. Her mother is not a Jew. Marilyn has typical Aryan features. She is a goddess compared to those hook nosed monsters. And Susan Bernard was never a real beauty. Even in her youth, her features were more ‘cute’ than ‘beautiful.’ She looks like Ina Garten, the fat Jewish lady who makes fattening recipes on a cooking show.

    • StukaPilot

      RWA, thanks for this info. Checked out “Lisa Matthews” (Mar. ’90) and discovered her real name is Lisa Reich; Jewish indeed, at least on father’s side. DK about the mother yet.