Actress Lisa Loring played the unusual daughter on TV’s THE ADDAMS FAMILY from 1964-1966. But, her real life story was nearly as unusual as her TV character. After the once marginally popular show was cancelled after just two seasons, Lisa Loring found herself caught in a typecasting quagmire with few new roles for the child actor, but she still had a love of TV, acting and films, which eventually only landed her a behind the scenes role as a make-up artist for adult movies. Working on the set of a porn movie, Lisa found herself attracted to popular porn star, Jerry Butler(real name Paul Seiderman) who was part Jewish, German, Irish and Cherokee and had been a star in over 500 porn movies. Loring and Seiderman dated, fell in love and were married. However, when he continued to do porn movies behind her back after he had promised to quit the industry, it put strains on the marriage, eventually leading to divorce.

But, the actress had her own demons as well. She had admitted to a once strong heroin addiction in addition to four marriages, all resulting in divorces. – But, besides her work as Wednesday Addams, she was a star in THE PRUITTS OF SOUTHHAMPTON, a one season comedy vehicle for Phyllis Diller, where two ADDAMS FAMILY stars, John Astin and Lisa Loring got work in this low-rated short-lived sitcom. For two seasons, Loring found work on AS THE WORLD TURNS, the CBS soap opera. A sober, older and wiser . Lisa Loring turned back to acting in 2011, with some minor roles to her credit. At 57, she’s still very attractive and pops up in some film work here and there.lisa loring2lisa-loringActress Lisa Loring in New York City

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