In the latest CATWOMAN Comics by DC Comics, it is revealed that Catwoman is in fact bisexual. This might have been one of the worst kept secrets for some time, as this appeared to be hinted at recently, but unconfirmed  until now. But, this presents the second biggest shocker news in mainstream comics in the last 12 months, when it was announced in March 2014 that Archie of the ARCHIE Comics would die, putting an end to that series.

Catwoman has always seemed highly sexual, where she looks much like something out of a bondage mistress sexual fantasy in her black leather outfit, and she’s an antihero of sorts, while there exists some sexual tension between Batman and her for sometime. Catwoman has been a mainstay villainess for much of the 75 years of Batman. But, in recent years, the popularity of Catwoman has earned her her own comic book and new storylines like this appeared driven to drive sales and keep her relevant and fresh. In the recent storyline, Selina Kyle(Catwoman) has taken on the role of a female crime boss, leaving an understudy to fill her shoes(or paws).

So how will fans react? (Yawn), well, with being so sexualized, what else is new or twisted or kinky for Catwoman left to do but this for a little excitement…CATWOMAN COMICCATWOMAN39

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