This past week, WIZBANG POP broke all records with more than 186,000 views in one day! And WIZBANG POP has the immense popularity of Betty White to thank! When she turned 93 this week, her fans worldwide were energized and could not get enough of the hugely popular personality. WIZBANG POP had a giant uptick in views as fans at the rate of a hundred viewers per minute were checking out those old vintage nudes she shot back when she was 21. Well, guess what Betty White fans. We found a couple more rarely seen Betty White nude photos from the same photo session. So here you go, some more rare photos of America’s most beloved personality, Betty White. A national treasure!betty_white_curtains2_123_99lobetty_white_curtains5_123_406lobetty-white bunny

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  • Michael Thompson

    Very beautiful…no surprise that she was cool enough to post nude, even back then.

  • Daniel Asamota

    Betty! Betty!

  • ljcarolyne

    Not much back then AND not much now.

  • TonyB

    WOW!!!….what a knock out….I am, 76 and I would be proud to wine and dine her.

  • Paul

    This just makes me admire her more. She is still America’s sweetheart.

  • Richy R.

    It’s NOT Betty White…it’s Corinne Christie who looks like a young Betty.