If your local SAFEWAY has a kosher foods section, then you might be able to find a can of  a very good soup worthy of a top notch kosher deli recipe. STREIT’S MUSHROOM & BARLEY SOUP is very thick with generous large pieces of mushroom, green beans, barley, carrots, onions and more. And, in a can, this soup quickly warms in a microwave oven compared to the mix version which may take up to 45 minutes to cook. Streit’s kosher foods are always enjoyable, whether it’s from a mix or from the can, and this soup is one of the best tasting products this quality company produces. My only reservation about some of Streit’s foods is the use of some cottonseed oil in some of their foods. I feel that cottonseed oil is controversial because if you have peanut allergies, then you might also be prone to cottonseed allergies as well because crop rotations in the South have caused the cotton plant seeds to take up much of a similar atomic structure as the peanut. And, although I like MSG in foods, it may cause others headaches. So, essentially you have a very good tasting, high quality soup here that may contain one or two controversial ingredients that some consumers may balk at. Maybe Streit’s needs to look at those two items and decide whether to slightly tweek their recipe and use two other ingredients. Or, maybe, why mess with success? This is a very tasty soup, but, maybe not for everyone. This is a unique mushroom soup, and as a mushroom lover, I sure appreciate this soup. It’s very good. Streit’s always does kosher foods proud. streitsmushroom barley

The Bottom Line: A very thick and high quality good tasting soup. But, two controversial ingredients make this recipe a little issue with people sensitive to cottonseed oil allergies or  to those who suffer headaches or migraines from MSG. Four Stars Out Of Five

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