One of world’s finest soup brands is VIFON from Vietnam. The company founded by a small group of Chinese Vietnamese has managed to survive the war in Vietnam to endure and celebrate 50 years as one of the highest quality soup brands in the world. Some soups such as the Hot And Sour Seafood contain a foil packet of prepared seafood along with essential oils and other excellent seasoning ingredients. VIFON also includes a reusable bowl with a lid to cook in the flavor as well as a serving spoon or fork with many of their soups as well….That’s a real quality touch.

The company started by the core of Chinese Vietnamese has not only brought in investors by selling stock shares, but also uses the most modern equipment and technology from countries like Japan, Germany and Korea to always offer one of the freshest and best tasting products of any soup brand in the world. At around $1.15 average export price in the U.S., VIFON is a very good value.

The government of Vietnam has become one of the joint partners in this fine company, where stock shares sold to public investors have made this one of the best managed and finest businesses in Vietnam. Strangely, Portland, Oregon has become one of the larger importer markets for this brand, that is now also gaining popularity in places such Germany, the Czech Republic, Korea and Malaysia.

You need to try these great soups. This is a very fine brand here.vifon soup

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