Foodie health foods folks may not eat much at McDonalds, but they have a strong ally as this giant company has stood firm and refuses to purchase GMO potatoes from a supplier, and instead stick with conventional potatoes. For many years McDonalds has done business with J.R. Simplot Company, but bluntly told the company that they refuse to purchase any genetically modified potatoes from them, and will only consider conventional potatoes for purchase. For their part, Simplot defends their GMO potatoes, claiming that they contain less sugars and also less asparagine which under deep frying conditions has been proven to create a possible cancer causing chemical.

In Oregon, a razor close vote in the last election took place where voters may have only rejected a GMO labeling law by a whisker slim margin only after Monsato Chemical and other large corporations include Coke spent a fortune to sway the election. A few ballots and a recount could still win this for the pro-GMO labeling side.

Corporations contend that GMO products are safe, but a large number of persons in the public have reservations and concerns, where GMO products are very controversial with the public. gmo_potato_ireland

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