The first 1963 Batmobile that was ever licensed by DC Comics is going up for auction in December. Built in 1963 from a heavily customized 1956 Oldsmobile 88, the huge bodied car was built to resemble what 1950’s Batmobile would have looked like. Some of the cool features are that massive fin as well as doors that slide forward into the body. The car had actually fallen into severe disrepair and had to be more recently restored. The car was built as a promotion for All Star Dairy as a Batman drinks milk campaign. The dairy also marketed ice cream and other products as well. Strangely, the car appeared to painted silver at one time. The car was a huge 210 inches long, and 84 inches wide. Big by any standard of measure….1963 batmobile1963-Batmobile-back-side1963 batmobile side1963 batmobile wastedbatmobile 1963 all star dairy1963 batmobile wasted back

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