Betty White Vintage Nude Photos Emerge

92 year old comic actress Betty White actually started her career around the age of 21 with appearing as a nude model for early adult photographs. Some recently rediscovered photos of the 21 year old veteran actress doing nudes havebetty_white_curtains4_123_576lobetty_white_curtains6_123_147lobettywhite2betty-white-naked-picture-young-bett-white-nude-boobs-tits-golden-girlsbetty-white-pin-ups-4betty-white-vintage-nude-photo-nsfw-28858-1296063411-35 emerged. The actress is certainly very pretty, and the pictures certainly make her look very sexy and appealing. Some of her nude photos even have been found on some of those old vintage nudie playing card decks that you find sold on Ebay.

The veteran actress has had one of the longest careers as an entertainer of anyone, a career that doesn’t appear to be slowing down despite her advanced age.betty_white

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  • Shocked is putting it mildly! I would love to hear her tell the story!

    • TokenMixedGirl

      Considering how, even in her 90’s, she is extremely cheeky and funny, I’d be willing to bet that her story would be hilarious and empty of regret.

      That’s actually why I’d LOVE to hear it myself!

      • Me too! I just love her! She’s a great entertainer! A real classic.

    • CRo

      Of course this is her… and I’m sure she would be fine saying it, because it’s beautiful past her, why would she not….. Honestly tasteful nudes of her which only show her as more, a beautiful person.

      • CRo

        By the way, it’s not shocking at all… not at all.. NOT AT ALL.. who cares, it’s just some older tasteful nudes, but it’s her… still not shocking, but it’s nice.. actually beautiful is the word everyone needs to use for these pics.. Your photo is shocking Egg Lady, damn, I can see ur man face in a tiny photo. Damn…

  • Dan Welchhance

    She is a Woman and a GREAT COMIC/ACTRESS TOO! Shocked? It got your attention,right? GO BETTY!!!

  • Anon

    Too bad thats not betty white… The girl in the nudes has a different face and nose than betty in the last up close photo… Just zoom in… Two different faces

    • David

      I mean who knows, she may well have some naked pics floating around out there – and I would love for this story to be true – but these pics aren’t her. πŸ™

    • LeeAnn Taylor Garito

      Looks like her to me in all of them. The face changes A LOT in 70 years – not to mention she’s an actress…so she’s had work done at some point I’m sure. Question though…why are you zooming in??!? To get a better look at her FACE?! LOL.

      • Julia Strathers

        I agree with you LeeAnn we all were much hotter in our 20’s lol πŸ˜‰

        • Julia Strathers

          I believe it is her also, LeeAnn , Sure looks like it to me πŸ˜‰

          • Terry Farmer

            I would’ve like to had some of that.

      • Mike Bish

        She is the same person then as she is now, not all celebs have shit done to them like those phony ass celebs today are.

    • JonasGrumby

      It’s her. This news isn’t entirely new. The images have been floating around for years. I guess the internet just decided to kick them up to the surface again. I’ve seen the one in the winter gloves before. Betty White is awesome.

    • Jenn J

      Betty was actually asked about these pictures on one of the late night shows a few years ago. I can’t remember if it was Leno or Conan or which one, but I heard the audio from it. She was shown the pics and she said it wasn’t her. She said the girl in the pictures had a beautiful figure, and if it had been her, she would be happy to claim them. But they’re not her.

      • Vee

        Not true. These are her. There were supposed sex pics of her and her husband being shopped around that she denied, but these are verified.

      • Jim Rockford

        You know what satire is right? She was joking.

    • Mike Bish

      Look closer and remember that after 70 years, people change

  • greatcorntrollio

    Pasties? I don’t think these are real.

  • mary glenn

    shocking, I will never watch the mary tyler show again or use passwords for that matter

  • PostCommentHere

    Not buying it. Betty has lower cheek bones and lighter eyes. I don’t even see much of a resemblance.

    • thesecondarything

      Everyone’s a fucking detective on the internet. You people don’t know shit.

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  • Mo’ Scherrie

    Am I the only one itching for a Betty White memoir? That’s one good read I am eagerly anticipating.

  • Really

    I love her, the photos show she is like most people when they were young, proud of their nude body.

  • roland

    Public domain. Print’em on gloss and sell’em! Offer half price if they use Bitcoin, we really need the US Dollar to die, by all means necessary.

  • Julia Strathers

    Hell, I would have done it too when I was 21 ~ wish I had lol πŸ˜‰

  • Hoosier girl

    It just doesn’t look like her.

  • Iris

    Well if it’s not Betty then it could be Nanette Fabray, similar facial features, don’t know about the other assets:)

  • johnnyinoakland

    Clearly that’s Sue Ann Nivens and NOT Betty White.

  • Prolly Talmbout Choo

    I just got a boner. Thanks Betty!

  • jenny86753o9

    Looking good Betty!!!

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  • Jim Vukovich

    How do we know these are really Betty White? With all the bells and whistles and photo shop techniques, who really has the 411/proof? If you don’t have the proof, shut the fuck up. Personally I’d love it even more if it were proven to be her because I love Betty White and I’d love to know that she did photo shoots like this!

  • Samantha

    Girl, you don’t have to suck your stomach in. You’re a size 6.

  • JB

    Weird breasts.

  • Quasar

    uhhhh, yeah, saw these like 10 years ago

  • I hope she released these herself… Hell if that was me I would.

  • Julie-Anne Michael

    Seriously, who cares? So she did nudes, so what?

  • Dave Chickenman

    she has nothing to be ashamed of! she looked damn good in them pics!

  • jwayne59

    looked hot back then ,most women in Hollywood have taken nude pictures at one time or the other besides doubt betty cares who sees them now .

  • Steve

    i actually saw these pics + many more on a deck of cards….yes – prob 40 yrs ago I came across them. So Betty was handled by many guys in smoky back rooms around the card table. lol hey – they are tasteful and like someone pointed out All the Hollywood actresses did it – even Marylin. No big deal Betty is a national treasure at this point.

  • lee

    thats not her unless she has had her cheeks done that womans are to high

  • Grey Knight

    People are utter idiots that is not Betty White the pic of Betty at the bottom compared to the nude women one can easily tell they have completely different facial bone structures not the same women at all!!!

  • I knew she was a freak! Love u Betty

  • Mike

    Always elegant! Always spirited. She is GORGEOUS!

  • πŸ™‚ cool

  • Zach Cage

    That is not betty white….the face isn’t the same!

  • disqus_2XnwBzpMbt

    Still a Hottie at 92.

  • Rainkyu

    Game Grumps brought me here..

  • Beckylomax

    I don’t believe this is Betty White, because she is much bigger breasted than this nude girl.

  • Mike Bish

    I have a set of those cards that are called Models of all nations and she is the 9 of hearts. She was beautiful then and she is still that today. They didn’t have photo shop back then.

  • Beckylomax

    That isn’t Betty White. Betty has a much bigger chest.