Sarah Silverman Nude

This weekend’s SNL guest host is the outrageous and controversial comic Sarah Silverman. She’s always had a real sex appeal despite her disturbing sense of humor. Many who love the comic wonder if she’s ever done a nude scene, and the answer is a resounding yes! In the 2011 comedy -drama, Sarah Silverman is nude for the first time. Normally very slim, Silverman gained 20 pounds for the role and  her bush was better enhanced to cover her genitals a little better to make her nude scene more R-rated and less X-rated. But, you certainly get the idea of what this comic hottie looks like with her clothes off. – Well, we all think she looks very nice in the buff!sarah silverman8sarah silverman7sarah silverman5sarah silverman2sara-silverman-nude4Sarah-Silverman-Nude-Scene-1024x574Sarah-Silverman-3Sarah-Silverman-Nude

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  • Krissy Vee

    Humeda humeda humeda

  • Greg Suarez

    In the words of Seth McFarland, “She is one hot Jewess.”

  • George W. Kush

    Average at best

  • Shawna Kinman

    what movie was this?

  • Bobloblaw67


  • Albert

    saggy tits, terrible body

    • ohger1 .

      You’ve got the air pressure too high in your inflatable woman.. What Sarah has are real breasts. That’s what tits look like.

    • Jolly_Johnson

      They are real and they are magnificent.

  • Jolly_Johnson

    I would shag her all night long anytime, anywhere. And Hon – leave the carpet.

  • Talcum X

    Traumatic triggering.

  • gary

    if she knew she was doing a nude scene, why didn’t she loose weight and hit the gym? she looks better with cloths on.

  • Untrepid One

    I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole.

    or a five foot German.

    she has the worst potty mouth that’s why.