Those Vintage Centerfold Girls!

Back in the heyday of the vintage men’s magazines of the 60’s and 70’s, long before so much of the adult entertainment went hardcore, the classic centerfold girl ruled. And there were many big stars of the era, where even Cassandra Peterson(Elvira) took off her clothes for the camera. Many young women never were in hardcore movies, but were only nude centerfold girls, often featured in the many smaller magazines of the era, and not featured in the biggest player, PLAYBOY. Sometimes the women weren’t super pretty, other times they were pure knockouts. But, men loved all sorts of girls, younger and older, slim and a little chubby, as long as they were stark as a jaybird naked. Here’s a few of those vintage models of yesteryear for you to enjoy….img2330img2049img2314img2284img945img713img714img2274img936img2256img246img715img2272img2167img710img2215img915img2159img2364img711

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  • FreddieFree

    Tits used to be better.