Former Prosecutor Marcia Clark Turns To Fiction

The former prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial Marcia Clark had an unlikely history that led to her role in the famous murder case. Now 60, the former prosecutor was born in the Berkley area to a liberal Jewish household, where as a rebellious teen she would never envision her future working for “the man”.  Strangely, while she was cast opposing Simpson in court, but since she left her post as prosecutor she admitted to having to defend many clients who she considered to be terrible with job as a private attorney specializing in criminal defense. But, her frustration with everything led her to write fiction where she could “control the outcome” as she claims.

Her latest 2014 book is THE COMPETITION, where she has written and published one novel for the last four years, giving her four novels now. In her personal life she is now twice divorced, where her career seems to take front row from the hard working attorney. She sometimes acts or guest stars or comments on the news as a guest. Marcia_clark_2011

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