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Cheese Puffs Used In Arson According To Court Documents

Say what? Well, it appears that court documents charging defendant Dean Edward Maki 54, with first degree arson of Rachel’s Bar & Grill in Oregon used cheese puffs and some newspaper ad. In his defense, despite being photographed at the time of the fire on security cameras, Maki claims he didn’t “know” why he bought […]

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Burger King May Buy Canadian Firm To Cut High U.S. Taxes

Burger King may be headed up North if business talks succeed to buy iconic Canadian coffee shop firm, Tim Horton’s. If these business talks are successful, it would create a new Canadian company that could save Burger King as much as 13% from sky high U.S. corporate tax rates.  U.S. tax rates run around 37% […]

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One of the pretty good grade B science fiction movies of the 1950’s was the ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN. The low budget 1958 film only cost just $89,000 to make, but later grossed $480,000 in the U.S. market alone, making it a financial success. The film interestingly was cast with former early PLAYBOY […]

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The Hot Women Of SIN CITY 2

The new SIN CITY film looks like another surreal and violent gem, done in a pseudo-live action and cartoon style. Besides the hot action, the women of this film provide some enticing eye candy. For one, actress Eva Green has previously shown off her incredible breasts and more in THE DREAMERS, where she did an […]

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The Story Behind An Outrageous Fetish Video Stunt!

Ok, pull up a chair and listen to the most outrageous story ever from a kinky fetish adult video shoot. WWW.REALSPANKINGS.COM is a major part of the small but growing adult entertainment industry in Colorado. Founder Michael Masterson has found a market for subscribers for several websites he owns to pay about $20 or less […]

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CNN Suspends Comments On Ferguson Situation

After new video came out Friday that seemed to show 18 year old  police shooting victim Michael Brown involved in a physical robbery of a convenience store, pushing and shoving a small store clerk into a store display, public opinion tended to quickly polarize and much of it turned highly critical of CNN and veteran […]


James Brady Death May Be Treated As A Homicide

The death this week of former press secretary James Brady at 73, is being investigated to be possibly treated as a homicide since his severe head wound injuries are believed to have contributed to his death. Since there is no statute of limitation on murder, mentally ill attempted assassin John Hinckley may now face additional […]

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Hey, It’s “Painted On Top” Soccer….

Germany had a painted on top soccer event a while back that worth a good look. Who knows whether or not it was good soccer or not, because the girl’s tops were painted on and it was kind of hard to concentrate on the game itself. – Even you guys who aren’t really soccer fans […]

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Attention, Topless Shoppers….

In NYC since a judge’s decision in favor of gender equality legalized women going topless in many parts of the city, more than a few women have taken to topless shopping. I can’t really say whether it makes the shopping experience of the women any better, but it sure makes the shopping experience of more […]

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Soccer Girl Busts Out!

Hey, no wonder that soccer is big! Bombshell blonde fan, Gaby Wolsham, who has been featured in the Mexican version of PLAYBOY, got so excited during a soccer match that her top just couldn’t take it any longer and her boobs just had to wave their excitement at the game as well! – And Gaby […]

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Former Prosecutor Marcia Clark Turns To Fiction

The former prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial Marcia Clark had an unlikely history that led to her role in the famous murder case. Now 60, the former prosecutor was born in the Berkley area to a liberal Jewish household, where as a rebellious teen she would never envision her future working for “the […]

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