Weird Al Scores His First #1 Album Ever!

A masterful marketing campaign of releasing eight funny music videos all at the same time has landed parody singer Weird Al Yankovic his first #1 chart album in his 40 year career. With songs and videos that parody such popular favorites as “Blurred Lines”,  has only helped to spur massive Internet searches for Weird Al making him one of the most searched for personalities on the Internet right now, with a recent nearly 4000% spur in interest compared to his normal search numbers.

Besides parody of songs of modern pop artists such as Lorde. Pharrell Williams or Robin Thicke, the new album parodies the styles of old favorites such as C,S, N &Y and Cat Stevens, besides the style of The Foo Fighters and others.

The album art is a parody of the old Communist propaganda posterweird al mandatory fun style of Josef Stalin and North Korea.

The new album is drawing pretty strong critical response as well as this massive public interest. Weird Al has managed to make himself relevant once again, with his most popular effort ever. Well done!!!

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