Factory Five’s Convincing Ford Cobra Replica

Factory Five offers some of the finest kit cars with the highest quality components ever. Their version of the classic Ford Cobra they call the MK4 is an incredible high quality car as good as any Detroit made automobile. And you can order frames or other parts capable of handling 500+ horsepower in this compact sports car. The kits start at $19,900 for the Ford Cobra lookalike, and you only need to add the engine, transmission, tires, wheels and rear brakes. Everything else is in the kit, delivered to your home just like a giant high end model kit where you get the joy and satisfaction  of building your own car that you drive.

There are different model cars available from Factory Five including a 1933 Ford replica. On a TV hot rod show, a group of five women were able to build a running and complete version of the Cobra replica in just five days, proving how complete this kit is and straightforward to build.factory_five_cobra_re_creation_by_rdbrony16-d4x938tmk4-3mk4-roadster3

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