Russian “Jesus” Resurrected Himself Six Times

Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin was a strange religious man, who lived from 1869-1916. In some aspects he was like the Russian Jesus for being a faith healer who healed the sick, and even resurrected himself back to life six times after being murdered five times, and even claimed an appearance of Our Lady Of Kazan(a claimed holy appearance of Mother Mary in a part of Russia) at any early age. While it is unclear whether Jesus actually studied to become an ordained Rabbi or simply began to preach sermons, Grigori Rasputin, put on the robe of a monk and made appearances as a holy man, although Rasputin was later prone to sexual excesses in his personal life and even one prostitute so resented him that she murdered him in a violent stabbing incident where organs from his body fell out of the severe wounds which would be fatal to a normal man. But, with medical treatment Rasputin made a full recovery from what appeared to be a successful murder attempt on his life. Despite his moral failures due to his sexual excesses, the family of the Tsar requested his help to either heal or attempt to resurrect the dead. He became a respected figure by the Tsar’s family, which only increased his hatred by those that hated the Tsar as an increasing number of poor Russians were influenced by radicalism and wanted to see the Tsar’s government overthrown.

Another attempt to murder Rasputin was by some plotters to poison his food. Incredibly, Rasputin ingested enough poison to kill several people, but appeared to be unfazed and decided to sleep and woke up perfectly healthy as though he had resurrected himself from death for the second time from an absolutely fatal poisoning attempt. The plotters were awestruck how anyone could survive this, so they decided that violent means of murder were required. They gave him what should have been a fatal gunshot to the back. Rasputin appeared to have died from this terrible wound, so the plotters were satisfied that they finally killed the controversial Rasputin and left to celebrate his murder. Later, when they returned to dispose of the body, Rasputin not only was able to resurrect himself from the dead, but was in an angry state of rage, so the plotters shot and killed him once more two more gun shots which should be fatal to anyone. Later, when they returned to dispose of his body, Rasputin had resurrected himself from the dead again, and was alive again. So these plotters violently beat Rasputin to death with clubs until he died again from this extreme violence and even cut him knives, and tied up the body in a blanket and tossed this body in the ice cold water of the Neva River to dispose of this mystic who was able to return from the dead no matter what kind of violence he faced.  Despite a fatal wound to his forehead and other fatal injuries, incredibly Rasputin’s body was able to come back to life while spending days in this river, where he had untied himself, but had died once again by drowning and because of the cold water.

There was then an attempt to dispose of the dead body of Rasputin for good by burning the body in a fire. But, incredibly, the strange mystic with the piercing eyes actually resurrected himself one last time in the fire, sitting up and attempting to get out of the fire until the fire so consumed the body that it was destroyed and in ashes, finally putting an end to all of the incredible death to life resurrections of the bizarre monk mystic. Some claimed that this monk used hypnosis in his efforts, but that has been discounted by others who found no evidence that he ever used hypnosis.

Incredibly, all of these recent death to life resurrections appeared to be well documented, having occurred in more modern times right around the WWI era and just before the Russian Revolution. To some, Rasputin was like the Russian Jesus, a kindly mystic faith healer, but to others, he was viewed as an evil and demonic man, who appeared like an occult figure. He remains one of the most controversial and bizarre figures in all of history with six resurrections from the dead that have been documented. Rasputin_The-Mad-Monk_HD_768x432-16x9Dead_RasputinRasputin-Germogen It was an incredible story that one man was the subject of so many documented miracles such as healing the sick as well as resurrecting himself back from the dead six times. He was a flawed man, and not completely good or evil, but his daughter remembers him as a saint. A very strange story of a man who was the Russian “Jesus”.

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