Neighborhood Association Buys Drone For Spy Activity

A bizarre story from Portland, Oregon is a neighborhood association that purchased a drone to spy on a neighborhood business. It seems that the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association has bought itself a great deal of controversy when a drone was purchased to supposedly spy on a neighborhood railroad business to ensure that they were using low emission equipment. Now, this neighborhood group finds themselves being ridiculed for starting a trend that justifies the use of drones by individuals and kicking the door open to increased  air use of robot spy vehicles. drone-040214

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  • jonspencer

    I see a market for cheap RC planes that can be used in kamikaze strikes on the drones. Many RC planes are less than $30 also.

    • Paul Hooson

      There’s a big opening for a lot of mischief if and when drones become cheap and common, including crime and terrorism. This isn’t a good thing at all. It was good that there was a public uproar against this neighborhood association over this intended use of a drone to spy on a business neighbor that may someday result in laws at the state level to limit the use of drones except in a few select cases. Some shipping companies have toyed with the idea of delivery by drones, but that seems completely impractical.