Blogger Mom Arrested For Son’s Poisoning

In a very bizarre criminal case, upstate New York mother, Lacey Spears, 26, was arrested for slowly poisoning her 5 year old son to death by feeding him toxic levels of salt to cause him a variety of health problems to gain sympathy for a blog she wrote entitled, “Garnett’s Journey”. Besides this bizarre murder of her child to gain public attention, Spears seemed to strangely often dress her little son like a girl and even grew his hair long and styled it like a girl which is another bizarre and creepy twist her as though she was trying to groom the child to become a cross dresser.

Even the child was in the hospital numerous times over the last few years doctors and lab tests failed to catch the deliberate poisoning of the young boy. Now, the disturbed young mother faces 25 years to life in prison on the murder charge as well as up to 25 years on manslaughter charges. This has to one of the sickest and most disturbed recent crime stories in the news.garnett7garnett6garnett 1garnett2garnett4

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