Celebrity Skin: Hayley Smith From AMERICAN DAD

Hayley Smith, 19,  is just as popular as other young woman actress out there even if she might only be a work of fiction, a cartoon. But, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some fans out there who don’t find her to be one sexy mama. In episode, she is listed to be 18, but in another, she is said to 19. So let’s just say for the sake of argument that she’s now 19 here.

In one episode, “Stan Knows Best” she took up a job as a stripper. And she’s been a nude art model as well. But, there’s been some freelance nudes of the beautiful young woman out there as well. So here you go, you Hayley Smith fans. Some sexy and some nude drawings of the lovely Hayley Smith, officially and unofficially from AMERICAN DAD and not…..

BTW, AMERICAN DAD isn’t actually going off the air, but it’s being moved to WTBS this Fall for a new lease on life and a new contract…More sexy Hayley for you guys, huh? Hayley_Smith Mystic_alpha hayley43 hayley67thayleyAmericanDad103Hayley_Smith ltwHayley_Smithhayley6hayley754hayley2hayley_smith_by_thegreatdestroyer-d5muhg9Hayley_Smith PalComix bbmbbf haley_by_nudecartoongirls-d38j2uyHayley_Smith_American_Dad_by_oden2

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