UNIVISION Becomes America’s #1 Broadcast Network

The changing demographics of America have also changed the viewing habits of America, where UNIVISION now outranks even CBS in popularity as the most watched broadcast network among the 18-34 demographic and #2 among  the larger and highly coveted 18-49 demographic that advertisers aim most of their marketing at as their core audience. This isn’t likely to add Spanish-only language programming to America’s other networks in the future, but it proves the market strength of programming aimed at the Hispanic market in America and an evolved major market for Spanish language programming in the United States.

On normal nights, UNIVISION outperforms even CBS which has some strength on Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights, but UNIVISION is now proving stronger and stronger strength on every night of the week, only illustrating the strength of this channel as the emerging leader among broadcast networks and an important market for advertisers to tap. Univision_logo

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