Elite Chocolate – Israel’s Finest Candy Brand

The small nation of Israel produces one of the world’s finest commercial brands of chocolate candy bars. Elite has a flavor that is certainly a few notches above most popular commercial brands of chocolate with sweet taste and high quality ingredients like real chocolate liquor. Founded in 1918, when Russian Jewish immigrant, Eliyahu Fromenchenko, first fled from the Russian Revolution in 1917  to Lativa, and in the 1930’s fled the Nazis to Palestine, Elite has become such a quality name in both candy and coffee, capturing so much of the Israeli market because of excellent taste, it has even been the target of the Israeli government which claimed that it was a monopoly under Israeli law. But, a brand this good with so much flavor, made with such high quality ingredients deserves to win many taste tests.

In recent years, Elite has merged with Strauss, a high quality dairy products brand to form a large high quality brand of products for both the domestic Israeli market as well export.

Compare the taste of Elite to any major commercial brand of chocolate candy, and I think you’ll agree that this is an incredibly tasty brand. At about $2 for a larger 3oz. candy bar, Elite is a very good value for the money, quality and taste.  This is more proof that Elite is one of the finest brands of chocolates on the planet, and more proof that tiny Israel produces many products of very high quality, often even better than many brands from Europeelite-chocobar (1)elite-2.

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