Happy Birthday Linnea Quigley – Scream & Skin Queen!

Scream Queen legend, Linnea Quigley,  just  celebrated her 56th birthday. To many fans of both bad horror films as well some skin magazines, Linnea Quigley has become a real legend of the “B” Movie screen.  Her career just never seems to slow down. This year she is scheduled to star in no less than 7 movies so far, and could even star in a few more before the year is over. Her first role in film was as an untitled barmaid in the film WHEELER. But, after that she became in more demand and even did a small amount of nude modeling for some men’s magazines as well, which only seemed to make her even more popular as a real cutie who does film, magazines and is even a rock singer as well to boot! That’s a pretty big plate for the popular cult figure.

Linnea’s popularity has even landed her roles in music videos from greats like The Ramones and Motorhead among others. What a resume!

Well, happy birthday!Linnea Quigley (1)linnea quigleylinnea quigley6linnealinnea_quigleyLinnea_Quigley_123_86lolinnea4linnea-quigley-e1348163606863LinneaQuigley-06LinneaQuigley-mainQuigley-REAL-HeadlineLinnea_Quigley_at_the_Days_of_the_Dead_Convention_2012

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