Where Were These Model Kits When I Was A Kid!

I’ve always loved model kits, having labored long hours with glue and paint fumes building those old 1960’s cars. By the 70’s, I mostly just collected model kits. But, again it was mostly cars or military models. But, nowadays models are a much smaller and more specialized market, only selling a fraction of the numbers that they used to. But, this specialized market has created some very outrageous and very adult model kits as can be witnessed by these resin kits right here by small makers sold on Ebay and on the Internet.

Absolutely outrageous model kits here. Gee, if I had these models when I was a kid I would probably have spent a lot more time alone in the basement than I did. And, I’m not sure if Testor’s paints has a “Nipple Pink” custom color available. But, thesmodel kit55670097lily munster3model kit65542134lily munster7lilly munster2e are very good and very outrageous small production model kits.model kit7623456model kit 654model kit 652143model kit4model kit9model kit7

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