Med School Virgin Calls Off Auction

A 28 year old double Ph.D. and Medical degree student decided to call off an auction for her virginity after she received a dubious $801,000 bid from a bidder who didn’t appear to be serious. Medical student, Hanna Kern had hoped to raise up to $400,000 from a legitimate bidder to pay for her education at the University Of Washington. Kern described part of the resulting mess to both Huffington Post as well as her blog, Musings Of A Virgin Whore, in which bad publicity as well as questionable bid all were factors in Kern calling off the virginity auction.

In the virginity auction, Hanna Kern, developed the identity of Elizabeth Raine. Kern is from school virgin2med school virgin1

At the age of 28, you have to wonder why this very intelligent woman has done the “ye olde in and out” as of yet. She posts sexy photos of herself, yet hasn’t gone all the way with any man after 28 years. What gives here?

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  • Vagabond661

    Because her name used to be Hank Kern.

  • Does Ph.D stand for Post hole Digger?