THE MENTALIST – Renewed!!! – Hallelujuh!!!

Thank God that the wizards over at CBS finally saw the light of day and decided to renew THE MENTALIST, which might be posting it’s lowest ratings this season, but still is winning it’s Sunday 10pm timeslot. Australian actor Simon Baker is also the producer of the show, and in a wise strategic move began shopping the series to cable TV networks. This strategy worked, and made the geniuses at CBS realize that any show that’s winning it’s time slot has good traction with viewers. – The show did a little reboot this season to remain fresh and is still a very good 10pm drama and a true quality program. Simon Baker has a very good product here, and is very engaging as an actor, and the scripts sharp and well produced. Supporting female actress Robin Tunney is also a big plus in this show, however any hint of sexual tension in the series seems to be disappearing with a new script of a marriage proposal.

Can THE MENTALIST rebound next year to it’s previous high ratings of a few seasons ago? Probably not, but the series remains a durable and strong contender in the Sunday 10pm time slot, despite improved competition by other networks who seek to shore up their own schedules in the ongoing ratings war, where shows live or die by the ratings.

CBS was very wise to renew this fine program. I would deeply miss it if it disappeared from the schedule. It’s very good television. the-mentalist_125019

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