The Ironic Death Of Red Foxx

On the classic TV show,  SANFORD AND SON, an ongoing joke was the comic actor grabbing his chest when things went terribly wrong and calling out to his deceased wife, Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, it’s the big one!” was Fred Sanford’s comic punchline. For years, it seemed funny enough. For six seasons from 1972 until 1977, Red Foxx  delighted audiences as one of the funniest elderly actors on the small stage. In 1991, Eddie Murphy helped to develop a new sitcom comeback for Red Foxx, THE ROYAL FAMILY, but on October 11, 1991, the beloved comic actor suffered a massive heart attack and died on the set during a rehearsal. Only seven episodes of the new show had been filmed at this point. The entire crew was shocked and stunned. Eventually, the show continued production again. But, after only 15 episodes the show was cancelled. – It was a strange death of the actor who had long joked about a death on the set. – The actor was 68 at the time of his death….red foxx

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  • Halifax POV

    According to the information provided, Redd Foxx was aged 49 – 54 when he appeared in Sanford and Son – hardly qualifies as an “elderly actor” as described above.