Those Darn Pasties!

Strangely, American law has tended to define the female breast as uncovered or indecent exposure laws only apply in most cases if the female nipple is exposed. However, in New York City, some women challenged this legal standard as discriminatory towards women since males being shirtless in public places exposing their nipples is legal by comparison. A judge ruled women may appear topless in some public places in the city. However, some other places have local laws that don’t even allow alcohol or nudity in strip clubs where only sodas can be served and the dancers have to wear pasties such as Tennessee where lawmakers approved new rules that ban alcohol in strip clubs and require the dreaded pasties. Interestingly, some entertainers have taken up an interest in what is this old fashioned looking stripper trend of exposing most of the breast, but not the nipple, including Miley Cyrus and others. So here’s a little Wizbang Popmiley-cyrus-nipple-pasties-sheer-outfit-at-iheartradiopastie halloween-2013-6Pasties celebmiley-nicki-pasties__oPtpasties trekpasties rhinestonepastie skullsPasties_by_MAdams06pasties-600x600pasties-650x650pasties4-650x650nicki pasties feature to keep you abreast of all of this news.

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  • Josh

    And Miley’s freaking tongue. Such an idiot.