Something New In Politics….Refusing To Debate

In Oregon, Dr. Monica Wehby would love to be your next U.S. senator. The only problem is that this candidate doesn’t want to debate the other candidates or in other ways make herself accessible to the voters, yet one poll has her running neck and neck with incumbent Democrat U.S. Jeff Merkley. That’s a strange paradox for a candidate who is as hard to access as trying to get a doctor’s appointment with. And her main Republican primary opponent, State Representative Jason Conger,  also finds himself frustrated as well, where his campaign could sorely use the free television exposure that a televised debate would bring.

Running almost as a single issue candidate against Obamacare, Dr. Monica Wehby, 51, is a Portland area pediatric neurosurgeon. While she has gained high praise from most patients, as a young doctor back in the 1990’s she became controversial for advocating a type of surgery that many doctors questioned. Today, she claims that was her proudest achievement. But, it also made her a maverick among many in the medical field, although respected by many patients in which the results were good.  Today, as an employee of the Legacy Health System, the doctor has attracted many donations from those in the medical industry running on a platform to champion the repeal of Obamacare in the U.S. senate. She has no political experience, and has become the darling of both some in the Republican establishment where a senate Republican campaign organization has offered her extensive financial support for her campaign as well as support from a proSarah Palin tea party oriented Website, and even Mitt Romney and Dr. Ben Carson, the far right wing surgeon who has become a champion of the tea party.  One Republican sponsored poll even claims that the political novice is running slightly ahead of the incumbent Democratic senator, however in the last presidential election cycle, Republican sponsored presidential polls tended to be biased and showed a lead for Mitt Romney, who actually slightly trailed the president in the actual voting. These biased polls led many independent political observers to discount polling done by their own organizations rather than independent polling organizations.

In Oregon, the Republican Party doesn’t hold any high statewide offices and only has one of five members of congress. Strangely, this lone congressman, Rep. Greg Walden was appointed to a Republican organization to help elect more Republican members of congress, even though the GOP has demonstrated little statewide success in Oregon, although proving much more success in the state house for example.

Now, the Oregon state GOP and the national Republican Party think that they can have a chance of success in Oregon, despite having a candidate who is essentially running on a single issue, who refuses public debates, and who routinely removes Facebook postings on her political Facebook page that question her aloofness with voters, her ducking out of debates, and other shortcomings which already prove that she doesn’t listen to many voters. – Voters have to decide if this is what they really want? Some past senators such as Gordon Smith were very good at taking time to write back to nearly every voter who wrote to them, even if he disagreed with the voter’s opinion. But, Wehby’s aloof  campaign, lack of specifics and other vagueness, only makes one wonder if this isn’t just another one inch deep and shallow candidate who could not really stand up in an actual debate, either to her main GOP primary challenger or the Democratic incumbent senator. – Can the GOP really expect this to win? ….Or, is it time for the party to really recruit candidates with more substance than this. Monica-Wehby-With-Carson-resized



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