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Funny Caption Contest – Edward Snowden Edition

Edward Snowden managed to worm his way back into the news with an hour long interview on NBC with Brian Williams, where Snowden continued more of his bizarre and outrageous claims. In fact, outrageous claims are nothing new for this guy who has claimed to have stolen and revealed secrets undermining national security of Americans. […]


Scout Willis’ Posts Topless Protests Of Instagram

Scout LaRue Willis, the 22year old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has taken to topless protests on Twitter to oppose a “no female nipples policy” on Instagram. In fact, she was photographed in public in New York where bare female breasts are legal in public, then posted these pictures on Twitter with harsh […]

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Happy Birthday Linnea Quigley – Scream & Skin Queen!

Scream Queen legend, Linnea Quigley,  just  celebrated her 56th birthday. To many fans of both bad horror films as well some skin magazines, Linnea Quigley has become a real legend of the “B” Movie screen.  Her career just never seems to slow down. This year she is scheduled to star in no less than 7 […]

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Where Were These Model Kits When I Was A Kid!

I’ve always loved model kits, having labored long hours with glue and paint fumes building those old 1960’s cars. By the 70’s, I mostly just collected model kits. But, again it was mostly cars or military models. But, nowadays models are a much smaller and more specialized market, only selling a fraction of the numbers […]

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Ebay’s Latest Illegal Scheme

Ebay and their sister financial site, Paypal, seem to have little regard for the laws of the land. Ebay owns Paypal and pretty forces a monopoly on Ebay buyers and sellers to use this financial service which acts much like a banking service, while at the same attempting to avoid normal banking regulations  and banking […]

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Funny Caption Contest: Stalker Senate Candidate Edition

In Portland, Oregon, Dr. Monica Wehby seemed to be on a roll as an upcoming political figure running for the U.S. Senate. Then right before the election, the wheels started to fall off when POLITICO reported that the good doctor had repeated unwanted contact with a former boyfriend, including hanging around his house, and even […]


ABC Will Give Producer All Of Thursday Night

Here’s an incredible achievement. Hollywood screenwriter and producer, Shonda Rhimes, 44, will become the first person, and the first African American woman to produce and help to write the screenplays for all three prime time shows on ABC on Thursday nights this Fall. Her three programs, GREYS ANATOMY, SCANDAL and the brand new, HOW TO […]

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Funny Caption Contest: Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend Edition

While V. Stiviano disputes her relationship with embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the fact of the matter is that he publicly stated that he loves her and wanted to be in seen in her company. Once the scandal broke regarding Sterling’s inappropriate comments on race, V. Stiviano began to don this strange looking […]


New Michael Jackson XSCAPE Album Is Better Than It Should Be

While some fans of Michael Jackson are angry at the release of the new album XSCAPE, the fact of the matter is that the new album of archived vocal tracks of the late pop star with new musical tracks is actually a pretty good album. In fact, the new album is better than it should […]

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Kid’s Bounce House Flys Away In NY

In upstate New York, near Albany, three young children were playing in an inflatable children’s bounce house  that broke loose from it’s ground stakes when some strong freak winds caught the house and lifted it a good 50 feet off the ground. Three children fell out of the house when it was flying about 15 […]

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Med School Virgin Calls Off Auction

A 28 year old double Ph.D. and Medical degree student decided to call off an auction for her virginity after she received a dubious $801,000 bid from a bidder who didn’t appear to be serious. Medical student, Hanna Kern had hoped to raise up to $400,000 from a legitimate bidder to pay for her education […]


THE MENTALIST – Renewed!!! – Hallelujuh!!!

Thank God that the wizards over at CBS finally saw the light of day and decided to renew THE MENTALIST, which might be posting it’s lowest ratings this season, but still is winning it’s Sunday 10pm timeslot. Australian actor Simon Baker is also the producer of the show, and in a wise strategic move began […]

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Jimi Hendrix Honored With New Stamp

The USPS has honored guitar legend Jimi Hendrix with a new stamp. The legendary guitarist has been named as the greatest guitarist of all time in polls and honored as the sixth greatest rock and roll personality of all time as well. The new stamp is a nice tribute to one of the greatest entertainers […]

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Acting Legend Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Dead At 95

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was a real legend in his own time. His distinctive voice and handsome leading man looks made him seem a natural for both TV and movies. After serving for five years in the U.S. Army and recovering from a leg wound in the battle over the Hurtgen Forest, he started his acting […]

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NEW YORK POST Monica Lewinsky Cover Raise Eyebrows

The NEW YORK POST cover with the new Monica Lewinsky cover sure raised more than a few eyebrows with it’s outlandish theme. It seemed more like a bad joke than anything to many, despite what could have an interesting story to many….Or, maybe the opposite is true. Maybe, Monica Lewinsky just seems like too much […]

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