Craig Ferguson Leaving THE LATE LATE SHOW In December

Despite posting strong ratings numbers and having one of the best underrated late night talk shows on TV, Scottish comic Craig Ferguson will be leaving his helm at THE LATE LATE SHOW in December. After being overlooked to succeed David Letterman as well as receiving weak network support, as well as David Letterman’s production deciding to pull the plug on producing any more new episodes when Ferguson’s contract expires, Craig Ferguson pretty much felt eased out the door and being pressured to move on. It was a sad slap in the face for the entertainer’s show which is far better than ever expected with a goofy robot sidekick and other cool comedy features that made the show a true gem. For 10 years, Ferguson only continued to improve his show which kept getting better and better, and was often pure genius with goofy offbeat humor. CBS will be hard pressed to find any personality who gave so much effort and who can develop a show half as good as this show was. It was one of the most inventive comedy shows since the old Ernie Kovacs shows.

Craig Ferguson, who did an incredible job. We love what you did with the place!craig ferguson2

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