Wizbang Pop Funny Caption Contest Winners

Ah phooey! It’s the Putin on the ritz version of the Wizbang Pop Funny Caption Contest to name last weeks winners. Well, turnout was  little slim but we had a few gems that are noteworthy. In our opinion, these are the cream of the crop. The hand picked cream de la cream. The pick of the liters. The state fair beauty contest winners. The, well, you know, the best of the best here…..

And, now without further delay(drum roll please!), here are last weeks winners:


1: I did, I did see a Putin Crap – Yetanotherjohn. All hails and roses to you here, John, this was indeed a funny little gem that touched my own heart for being inspired by Tweety Bird. Thank you for making heart go pitter patter here!


2. If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to why don’t you go where fashion sits. Putin on the spits. – Rodney Dill. There’s that Putin on the ritz theme right there. We appreciate this so much. Putin on the spits!


3. So she says, “Put it in, Putin”. – Yetanotherjohn. There’s a goofy sexual joke to warm my heart right there! Kind of offensive and tasteless, oh, and funny too! Just the way I like ’em! Give my compliments to the chef!


Thank you! It’s now Friday so get your joke making machines well oiled, a new contest is on the way!putin outrageous

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