Tiny Insect Killing Off Florida’s Orange Industry

asian citrus psyllidIt may only be the size of a gnat. But, the tiny Asian citrus psyllid is killing off Florida’s citrus trees at an alarming rate where some farmer’s have lost 1100 or more trees to the tiny insect menace that has but some dying citrus trees on antibiotic transfusions and other life-saving emergency measures. Consumers will really be hit in the pocketbook as Florida’s orange crop will be the lowest in 30 years thanks to the menace which will cost a lot more at the grocery lane as well.

The tiny insect infects citrus trees with a deadly virus that grows from a bacteria that the insect has. The insect may be tiny, but the market impact on the citrus crop is huge. On the citrus futures markets, the price of oranges has been soaring recently.

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