U.S. Has #3 Least Sex In The World

Maybe the United States has so much sexual imagery in entertainment and on the Internet to make up for a lack of actual practice, because researchers have found that Americans have some of the least amount actual sex on a weekly basis of any of the 196 nations in the world. Only 53% of Americans have sex on a weekly basis according to social researchers, which is the #3 lowest amount of weekly sex of any nation in the world. Nigeria rates at 53% weekly sex as well, however the average sexual frequency is marginally less that the United States, although the sexual satisfaction level is higher at 67% compared to the United States where only 48% of Americans claim to be sexually satisfied with their sex lives.  The worst nation in the world for weekly sex is Japan, with only 34% reporting having sex on a weekly basis.  And a shockingly low only 15% of Japanese claim to be sexually satisfied despite the fact that 45% of women claim to not be interested in sex and a shockingly high 36% of young men claim no interest in sex where work, school, fatigue and earning a living have largely replaced sex in this sexually dysfunctional and sexually frustrated society.

So why does the United States seem to have such a high interest in Internet sex and pornography? Well, it seems that many Americans would like to have more sex, and aren’t, so many seem content just to watch others having a good time having sex on video. Some might think that seems like a weak substitute because sex isn’t as good of a spectator sport as it is a participant event. not having sex

Note: There are 196 nations in the world if you include Taiwan, which is not recognized as country by many nations in the world because of the political clout of China in the U.N. and on the international world scene.

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